In-School Adventures!

All of the students in a single grade work on one folktale or story over the course of 4 days. Each day the students work for approximately 1 hour. The first three days involve getting to know the story, learning theater performance skills and practicing how to tell the story. The fourth day is the performance.

It is important to match the story to your curriculum. Our stories are drawn from around the world, from Massachusetts to Cairo to Beijing. Many of our stories come from East Asia, West Africa and Central America. If we don't already have the story that fits your curriculum, we can research one and prepare it to use as an In-School Adventure!

The program can be run in your school’s gym, cafeteria and/or theater. The same space does not have to be used each day.

The benefits of one grade performing together include:

  • An opportunity for the whole grade to accomplish something great together
  • Less coordinating for teachers
  • Less interruption of students’ schedules
  • Larger audience
  • Only one show for the rest of the school to attend

In our productions, every student has a role and characters do not simply stand about while a narrator tells the story. The students in these clever adventures - no matter how young - speak lines together. The Narrator keeps them on track, acting like a safety harness, letting them know it is impossible for them to fail.

Students work on the script, with expert direction, learning how to:

  • Present a story to an audience 

  • Use voice tones to convey emotion and ideas
  • Memorize information more easily using tricks
  • Draw an audience in with large voice and physical actions

A song from the region (or inspired by the region) teaches performers how:

  • A performer breathes

  • To project 

  • Music from other lands is fun 

  • The music they love is connected to global music

The dance accompanying the song has fun, easy-to-remember choreography reinforcing the ideas that:

  • Performance is physical, verbal and emotional 

  • There is great confidence in team work

Masks, costumes, set and props are the frosting on the cake that help the students' minds develop as they:

  • Picture the show from the audience's point of view.
  • Think as the actor but only show the character to the audience.

In-School Adventures is a cultural enrichment program that makes culture come to life through story, song and dance. It is a chance for an entire grade to work together and earn a deeper understanding of a region or topic in the curriculum. Through practicing the folktale, students come to know a region, its people, traditions, and challenges in a lasting and tangible way. By performing the story to other schoolmates, teachers and family, students become part of the narrative tradition of passing along history.  

"Our featured performers, their families, and our staff members were totally engaged as your magical, musical folktale journey captured their attention and hearts. ...You bring out the drama from within everyone involved, even a typically reserved child... the unsolicited feedback was overwhelming... You were the talk of the school and town!"

— Margaret E. Donohoe, Principal, Fannie E. Proctor School

In-School Adventures