Kidservatory Overview

Kidservatory is a musical based 50-minute recreational program designed to give the quiet performer a voice and the energetic performer focus. The fun and merriment help literature come to life for young actors, age 3 to 5 years, and audiences alike!

Does your little one sing and dance around the house, act out what they see on television, or enjoy imaginative playtime with toys and stuffed animals? If so, they are ready to focus their creative spark and join our Pre-K performances!

Through dramatic play and creative movement, players put together familiar child-friendly stories. Scripts are adapted to create equal roles with equal stage time, and everyone sings and dances together! Each season, performers present their work for friends and family, supported by their director every inch of the way. Our recreational theater classes foster teamwork and cast bonding while instilling confidence in class and on stage.

Your child will learn

  • How to combine movement and singing
  • Tools for memorization
  • Acting through mimicry
  • Vocal projection and stage presence
  • How to physically display theatrical emotions
  • Teamwork and cast bonding
  • Confidence in class and on stage

Join us this fall as we journey through a musical tale with Peter Pan! John, Wendy and Michael Darling are surprised one night when they are whisked off to Neverland by Peter Pan, the boy who would never grow up! Once in Neverland they have adventures with pirates, pixies and mermaids! Our story ends with our adventurous children safe and sound in their beds having learned a valuable lesson about friendship, bravery, and the magic of childhood!

Alice is always curious. Her curiosity has led her to a most marvelous and magical place. There are vanishing cats, tea parties that last all day long, and a croquet playing Queen. Join Alice in Wonderland and discover all the wonderful friends waiting there!



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(3yrs-5 yrs.)Miss Ari

Alice in Wonderland
Performance: 6/21/2019 4:30 PM


(3yrs-5 yrs.)Miss Carrie
Alice in Wonderland
Performance: 6/20/2019 4:30 PM

(3yrs-5 yrs.)Callie
Alice in Wonderland
Performance: 6/22/2019 9:45 AM
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