Storybook Theater


Join us on a journey from page to stage! Everyone will enjoy becoming storybook characters, singing songs and playing with props and costumes. These young actors will have the freedom to alter characters from the story they hear and perform each class. The group moves from “story time”, sitting and listening, to a collaborative creative play with friends. We'll also explore the fun of music by singing a different song in class each week. Storyville offers a wonderful introduction to the world of theater and allows our youngest actors to explore freely with lots of fun.

Your Child Will Learn

  • Character development
  • Improvisation
  • Story telling
  • Audience interaction and staying in character
  • How to combine voice, body and emotion into dynamic performances
  • ​Confidence in creativity
  • How to work together as part of an ensemble

Rapunzel, a musical adaptation based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, is no love story. It’s a tale of friendship and family. It starts with a girl, traded at birth, and locked away in a tower. Her hair was so long it was the perfect place for the witch to hide her magic. Rapunzel didn’t know she was a princess until a group of thieves entered her tower and the Witch’s scheme was foiled. Wonderful characters make up this ensemble cast such as the royal family, Rapunzel’s woodland friends, and a band of hilarious thieves who aren’t very skilled at being criminals.

Show Specific Skills

  • Understanding of Antagonist vs. Protagonist
  • Explore the nature of comedy through happy endings
  • Appreciation of medieval dress
  • Learn and practice skills needed to act like animals

A historic piece of Egyptian history worth hundreds of millions of dollars is being displayed at the Royal History Museum. Dignitaries from all around the world are there for the unveiling. Yet it is said there is a curse on the ancient piece. Shortly after it is revealed it vanishes. Dr. Montana Jones and Dr. Elsa Graz must discover where it went — and the secret power hidden within.