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Broadway Voice Club is a unique and exclusive opportunity for LINX Broadway students in levels II, III and IV to receive additional vocal training, as well as partake in some community performances and/or competitions throughout the year when available. The club focuses on Broadway music, not necessarily from the current season’s show, to produce a well-rounded experience for kids to improve their vocal skills and talent at a faster rate, while sharing their love of Broadway music with friends.

Broadway Level I students looking to receive additional vocal training are encouraged to enroll in Voice I.

Your Child Will Learn

  • Additional vocal training
  • Community performances/competitions when available
  • Faster rate of progression
  • Increased chance of a larger singing role next season
  • Shared love of Broadway music

Rapunzel, a musical adaptation based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, is no love story. It’s a tale of friendship and family. It starts with a girl, traded at birth, and locked away in a tower. Her hair was so long it was the perfect place for the witch to hide her magic. Rapunzel didn’t know she was a princess until a group of thieves entered her tower and the Witch’s scheme was foiled. Wonderful characters make up this ensemble cast such as the royal family, Rapunzel’s woodland friends, and a band of hilarious thieves who aren’t very skilled at being criminals.

Show Specific Skills

  • Understanding of Antagonist vs. Protagonist
  • Explore the nature of comedy through happy endings
  • Appreciation of medieval dress
  • Learn and practice skills needed to act like animals

Fall 2017


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