Improv Troupe


Our mad-capped troupe laughs at the idea of needing scripts! All they need are their fast wits and their fellow performers. This is a high-energy band of performers who discover that, through hidden structures, they can create any hilarious scene from any audience suggestion - even about things they have not heard of before! Students will study both short-form comedy and long-form. One is quick jokes and sketches. The other includes creating entire stories that can last up to a half hour. Nothing builds self-trust and confidence better than improvisation. It is great for players in our big productions for they learn nothing really goes wrong during a show. Every seeming error is an opportunity to create a new part of the show. And it is great for actors who don't have the patience for learning lines and prefer to just leap head-on into the unknown.

Program Goals

  • Short-form improvisation
  • Long-form improvisation
  • Story telling
  • Audience interaction
  • How to combine voice, body and emotion into dynamic performances
  • Confidence in creativity
  • How to work together as part of an ensemble

Rapunzel, a musical adaptation based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, is no love story. It’s a tale of friendship and family. It starts with a girl, traded at birth, and locked away in a tower. Her hair was so long it was the perfect place for the witch to hide her magic. Rapunzel didn’t know she was a princess until a group of thieves entered her tower and the Witch’s scheme was foiled. Wonderful characters make up this ensemble cast such as the royal family, Rapunzel’s woodland friends, and a band of hilarious thieves who aren’t very skilled at being criminals.

Show Specific Skills

  • Understanding of Antagonist vs. Protagonist
  • Explore the nature of comedy through happy endings
  • Appreciation of medieval dress
  • Learn and practice skills needed to act like animals