Step 1 - Purchase/get your tickets

Please complete your order for the tickets to establish how many tickets you need.

Step 2 - Select your seats

Once you complete your registration for the number of tickets you need, you will be prompted to reserve your seats.  You can select the seats and adjust as needed simply by clicking on any available (blue) seat.  When you click on a seat, it will turn green to indicate that it is now yours.  You can click on it again to release it and select a new seat up until the day of the show (please remember to reprint them if you change them).

Once you see your seats in green, where you want them, you are done with the ordering/seat selection process and you can print your tickets or come back later to view the tickets on your phone.


Please fill-in every available seat - if you leave gaps, someone's brother or grandma will have to sit all alone as many shows will sell out!