Recreational Theater

Recreational Theater Overview

The LINX Recreational Theater Program is designed to give the quiet performer a voice and the energetic performer focus. The fun and merriment help literature come to life for kids 2nd through 8th grade and audiences alike!

Whether your child has a great deal of creativity and feels shy about showing it, or has an abundance of energy and needs a bit more focus, your child will feel comfortable and confident in their own ideas. Working together, performers create their own unique adventure based on an existing work of literature. Young actors will begin to trust their own ideas and incorporate the ideas of others through the staging process. This class 50-minute class is a great way to test the waters and see if your budding actor has the desire for the larger challenges of our Company and Broadway programs.

Your child will learn

  • Creativity
  • Explores classic literature
  • Memorization techniques
  • To develop their own ideas
  • Develops voice and diciton
  • To perform live in a fun and stress-free environment

In Rapunzel's Split Ends, each class shapes their own unique tale within the kingdom Rapunzel inhabits. Perhaps it is the story of how she was first taken to the tower. Or maybe the class will make Rapunzel the queen as her children take on their own adventure. Yet another twist may be to follow the adventures of others within the kingdom, while only speaking of Rapunzel. The performers’ imagination is the limit in this fun frolic through Rapunzel’s medieval kingdom.

This Spring, reveal what Bagheera was like when he was a cub. What adventure made him so cautious later in life? The performers in Theater will find out. They will craft an original adventure about the panther cub, his family, his friends and his enemies. There will be tigers, monkeys, bears and many more. The adventure is only limited by the performers' imaginations.

Your child will learn:

  • To trust their own ideas
  • How to collaborate with cast members
  • Story development
  • How to move and sound like an animal
  • About animals in India


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(2nd-3rd)Miss EmilyStarting Feb 6, 2017
Jungle Book: The Beginning
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(2nd-4th)Mr. ToddStarting Feb 1, 2017
Jungle Book: The Beginning
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(2nd-4th)Mr. ToddStarting Feb 2, 2017
Jungle Book: The Beginning
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(2nd-4th)Miss EmilyStarting Feb 2, 2017
Jungle Book: The Beginning
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(2nd-4th)Miss EmilyStarting Feb 5, 2017
Jungle Book: The Beginning
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