Voice III Elective

Voice III Overview

All technique classes are an opportunity for Company/Broadway students to come together, working on skills applicable to both season's titles. Students broaden their abilities and are more prepared to meet future challenges on top of present ones.

Students in Voice III are not only mastering the musicality of songs, they are beginning to fine-tune their voice as an instrument, exploring vocal techniques and training that will give them a better sense of control.

Voice III will give students the opportunity to build character into their songs, and fine-tune elements of acting within their vocal performance. Students will further delve into the musical world of the play and create multi-layered characters within their vocal performance.

Your child will learn advanced skills in:

  • Healthy Singing
  • Breathing
  • Matching Pitch
  • Projection and Enunciation
  • Voice/Body Connection
  • Expressive Voice and Face
  • Gaining Confidence in Solo Singing
  • Song Interpretation
  • Vocal Placement
  • Vocal Anatomy
  • Performance Through Song
  • Building Vocal Range
  • Building Vocal Repertoire
  • Music Theory



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