4th - 9th Graders

Broadway II

AUDITION BASED: In Broadway II, students continue their theatrical journey by learning to work as a part of a cohesive ensemble and develop a character.

Broadway III

AUDITION BASED: In Broadway III, students begin developing a more advanced understanding of theater. Through performing an entire show, more challenging choreography and the addition of harmonies and vocal parts, our Broadway III's work toward becoming young professionals.

Broadway IV

AUDITION BASED: In Broadway IV, students shine as the young professionals they are. Students learn advanced harmonies and musical technique, accelerated choreography, intense dramatic skills and character development.

Company Theater

AUDITION BASED: In Company Theater, advanced players start to learn nuanced elements of verbal, physical and emotional performances that can affect an audience without their realizing it.

Recreational Theater

The Recreational Theater program is designed to give the quiet performer a voice and the energetic performer focus. The fun and merriment help literature come to life for students and audiences alike!


Improv students will study both short-form comedy and long-form. One is quick jokes and sketches. The other includes creating entire stories that can last up to a half hour. Nothing builds self-trust and confidence better than improvisation.

Private Lessons

Our private acting and voice lessons give performers a dedicated hour of attention that is catered specifically to their needs.