What are LINX Theater families saying?

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"I want to thank you for such an amazing performance that the Center Stage kids put on last Friday. [My Daughter] walked out of the show a different kid. She was so nervous beforehand, but after the show went well, she suddenly had so much confidence. That evening I told her about a dessert contest for kids that's happening at Verrill Farm. She loves to cook, but was usually too shy to participate in something like this. Her answer right after the play was ‘Yes, I want to do that!’ She's been practicing making crepes all weekend and even asked me to make a video of her making them. In the video, she didn't just want to make them, but look at the camera and explain what she was doing. . . . I don't think all this could have happened without your wonderful classes. Thank you!"

"We can't thank you enough for all of the guidance and support you have given to [my daughter] since she entered your class. She is truly thriving and loves drama more than ever. She always looks forward to going to class and practicing her lines and songs at home. We look forward to the next production!"

"Thank you, again, for all you have taught and inspired in [my daughter]. You have brought something very important into her life and at 14, to have something special to connect to has an impact that you cannot imagine."

"Chloe is simply beaming after each class, her confidence grows a little bigger every time, she loves her teachers"

"We love Miss AnneMarie she has been a wonderful mentor for my daughter and has immensely contributed to her positive growth, self confidence and success in theater! " N.D.