Premier Theater Training. Featured Stage Time for All.

Our mission is to provide exciting and aspirational theater instruction and performance experiences.

LINX Theater trains students to be confident, innovative, and expressive performers through one-on-one attention from expert teachers and in a classroom environment that is fun, creative, and energized! Casts are kept small so that every young performer is placed in a role that shows off their specific and unique talents. Our dynamic performances, with full theatrical sound, lights, and effects, are designed to celebrate each child.

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Small Casts

At LINX Theater we are proud to take on the incredible challenge of having numerous main stage productions so that we can keep our casts small. Keeping casts small means each actor has an opportunity to play a featured role. There are no productions in which someone is stuck in a background chorus. No one in a LINX Production sits for long spans waiting for a brief moment or one line. You have made an investment in your performer and we take that very seriously. That is why we provide extensive one-on-one attention with our expert instructors.

Theater Education Based on Exploration

Our instructors have committed themselves to the education of elementary, middle school and high school performers. We start as early as the age of 3, building a strong foundation in creative exploration. As we work toward the upper grades, we are constantly introducing them to advanced concepts. We train performers to be innovative. It is not our goal to position them around the stage and stifle creativity. Our productions are explorations. We celebrate ingenuity and want our actors to help shape their show.

Comprehensive Programs

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