Theater Audition Materials


2020-2021 Season: Anything's Possible!


Jojo - Seussical

Now that is a very unusual hat
I wonder what’s under a hat such as that.
It could be a creature they call a Ga-Zat
Who balances things on his head ‘cuz it’s flat.
Or a stripe-loving Pipester from Upper Mount Bat,
Or a sort of a kind of a hat-wearing… Cat!

Horton - Seussical

That bird let that clover drop somewhere inside
Of a great patch of clovers, a hundred miles wide!
I’ll find it. I’ll find it! I’ll find it or bust!
Well, I shall find my friends on their small speck of dust.
Yes, clover by clover by clover with care
I’ll listen and call-- are you there? Are you there?

Cat - Seussical

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Seusseby’s.
Our first item up for bid this evening is lot 39,
a pendulous pachyderm on egg, nest, and tree.
The bidding will begin at ten-thousand dollars.
Do I hear ten, ten-thousand? Going once… going twice… Sold!

Gertrude- Seussical

I bet you forgot
About Gertrude McFuzz
Well that’s nothing new
I mean, everyone does.
But Gertrude did something
That few birds can do...
So here is the Tale of Miss Gertrude…
Part Two!

WICKED WITCH - The Wizard of Oz

(casting spells)
Stiff Tin-Man! Once lost and once found,
Rusty once again. Stand your ground.
(Tin Man freezes)
Big strong lion? Such a pity.
No roar, now meow, pretty kitty.
(Lion mews)
Double, double, straw is trouble.
Fire burns you to ash and stubble.
(Dorothy grabs witch’s arms to defend Scarecrow)
Cling to me like gripping branches?
Stiff as a tree cuts your chances!
(Dorothy stands stiff with arms straight out. Witch cackles)

POWDER the MUNCHKIN - The Wizard of Oz

Friends, in these dangerous times, I have called this meeting.
I have called it for two reasons. The first is to sell you this Tupperware. Who wants it?
(Jelly the Munchkin stands up with a bag of coins),
Congratulations. It’s yours.
The second is to tell you: We must help Dorothy!
We must do something we’ve never done before. We must leave Munchkinland.
I know you’re scared, but think of Boq. He blazed a trail out of Munchkinland years ago.
Yes, it was because we tied him to a chicken and let him be dragged, but he found his way back.
And we will find our way back. Let us be like Boq who volunteered to journey with Dorothy.
True, when Glinda asked for a volunteer, we all stepped back making it look like he stepped forward,
but he still went after only several hours of complaining and begging and crying.
Now it is our time; our time to beg and cry and finally do what is right.
Shall we stand here and let Dorothy do the dirty work alone?
Yes! I mean, No! My friends, ask not what Dorothy can do for you.
Ask what you can do for Dorothy.
(pause) This is when you all applaud and cheer. Anyone? Hello?
(Munchkins disperse)
Where’s everyone going?
(Jelly holds up the Tupperware with one hand and holds out the other to take money back.)
No refunds.


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With a Cat such as me and a thinker like you!
Oh The Thinks You Can Think!
Oh The Thinks You Can Think!
If you’re willing to try
Think invisible ink
Or a Gink with a stink...
Or a stair to the sky!
If you open your mind
Oh the thinks you will find
Lining up to get loose!
Oh The Thinks You Can Think!
When you think about Seuss!


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Oh notice me Horton,
Feather by feather
This is your next door neighbor calling
Notice me, Horton
Horton together, we could be great
Oh notice me Horton
Put down the clover
This is your next door neighbor calling
There’s a new leaf your neighbor’s turned over...


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I’m alone in the universe
So alone in the universe
I’ve found magic but they won’t see it
They all call me a lunatic
Ok call me a lunatic
If I stand on my own so be it
Cuz I have wings, yes I can fly
Around the moon and far beyond the sky
And one day soon I know there you’ll be
One small voice in the universe
One true friend in the universe
Who believes in me.


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Now Iiiiiiiiii’m amayzing Mayzie
As feathered as feathered can be now
Amayzing Mayzie
It was all for sale
Amayzing Mayzie
The birds are all whistling at me now
Amayzing Mayzie
Baby that’s my tail!