2019-2020 Season



All actors who wish to participate in Company or Broadway, must audition to receive a placement. *Everyone who auditions will be invited into an amazing adventure!

One goal of the auditions is to provide practice so our players are comfortable with the process and know how to let their abilities shine. To help ensure this, the directors in the room are warm and encouraging. A performer may be considering only one show, but may discover a special second invitation! This experience empowers the performers, allowing them to best select the show or shows in which they want to participate.

*Please note, that students currently enrolled in a Company and/or Broadway class do not need to register to audition, their instructors will recommend them for their next season's level based on current class performance. Students who took did not participate this spring, will need to audition for the fall.

Audition Components:

  • Monologue - Demonstrates their talents for articulation, projection and characterization. No memorization is required. View monologue options »
  • Singing - Shows their vocal range, voice strength and characterization. If a performer chooses not to sing, they will be considered for Company, but not Broadway.View song options »
  • Acting Technique - See the skill requirements

Audition Location:

  • Auditions for fall class placement will be held at LINX on Linden Street (141 Linden Street Wellesley, MA) in May. Upon arrival, please check in at the front desk.

Audition Process:

  • An audition is 15 minutes long.
  • Parents are encouraged to wait for performers.
  • Performer enters with six other players and all are together during the time.
  • Each performer has about 2 minutes of the directors’ time to perform their song and monologue.

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