All actors who wish to participate in Company or Broadway, must submit a video audition in order to receive a class placement. Everyone who auditions will be invited into an amazing adventure!

This fall, we will be accepting video auditions for any performers wishing to take part in one of our audition based programs. A performer may be considering only one show, but may discover a special second invitation! This experience empowers the performers, allowing them to best select the show or shows in which they want to participate.

Please note, that students currently enrolled in a Company and/or Broadway class do not need to register to audition, their instructors will recommend them for their next season's level based on current class performance.

Visit our audition materials page for monologue and song samples.

Audition Components

  • Monologue - Demonstrates their talents for articulation, projection, and characterization. No memorization is required.
  • Singing - Shows their vocal range, voice strength, and characterization. If a performer chooses not to sing, they will be considered for Company, but not Broadway.
  • Acting Technique - See the chart below.

Frequently Asked Theater Audition Questions

Which programs/levels require an audition?
Auditions are required for any new members wishing to participate in Broadway and Company. Auditions are not required for those who wish to sign up for Kidservatory, Showstoppers, Recreational Theater, or Improv Troupe.

How does my child prepare for the auditions?
Your performer will need to select a monologue and song to perform. Please visit our audition materials page for monologue and song samples. The material does not have to be memorized, but if it is memorized your child will find it easier to perform. We also suggest that your child review the list of skill requirements so that s/he understands the audition expectations so they are comfortable when submitting their video audition.

What if my child doesn't want to sing?
We always encourage performers to submit a song with their audition video, but if they are reluctant, their speaking talents can still find a strong home in Company where players always sing together.

How does my child audition this year?
At this time, we are not conducting any in-person auditions. However, we are accepting audition videos. Your performer can perform one of the monologues from our audition materials page and sing a short song excerpt. You can then send your video recording to our theater director at: All video Auditions must be submitted by the end of October in order to be cast in our productions of Seussical Jr. and The Wizard of Oz. Class space is limited and admittance will be subject to availability at the time the audition is received.

What should be worn for the audition video?
Performers can feel free to dress up or wear casual attire. Whatever makes them feel most comfortable.

If my child is accepted into a Company or Broadway level, what does that entail?
Company and Broadway Level I will meet in person for a 2-hour class once a week. Performers in Company and Broadway Levels II - IV will meet for a 2-hour class once a week and are required to take an included virtual technique class.

Can my child register in more than one class?
Yes! None of our classes have their show dress rehearsals or performances at the same time. We offer multi-class discount pricing, to encourage performers to develop all their performing arts talents.

Can my child elect to join a recreational program or a lower level program than what they are invited for?
If that works better for your family, absolutely. An invitation to a specific level automatically means they can choose to do any other lower level program.

What if my child is already registered for a class?
Class switches and additions are easily made from the time your actor receives his/her audition feedback until in class role auditions.