Classic Broadway titles come to life! Performers enjoy playing famous characters and learn skills to become triple threat performers in today's thriving musical theater community. The skills learned in LINX Theater Broadway will help fuel students future careers with creativity, problem solving, teamwork and much more! Those who land a spot in Levels I, II, III, or IV enjoy accelerated learning at rehearsals and levels II and up benefit from our specialized technique classes.

LINX Theater is committed to featuring all performers in a production so we don't have any productions in which someone is stuck in a background chorus. It is important to understand that spoken lines are not the only factor in featured stage time! Other factors include singing solos, dancing solos, comedy bits, playing more than one character, or appearing in the multitude of musical numbers and scenes. Featured stage time for all means that everyone will have a moment to shine! We encourage parents and students solely seeking equitable lines to pursue our Company program. Find out how to audition