Company Theater | 4th - 9th Grades


LINX Theater Company instills confidence and creativity through drama and comedy education designed for kids in 4th through 9th grade. This class will help future theater professionals understand what will make them valuable contributors to the craft, as well as help kids opting for other fields of study. Both will gain a unique perspective and an advantageous ability to innovate as they work together as an ensemble.

Program Details

In Company Theater, advanced players start to learn nuanced elements of verbal, physical and emotional performances that can affect an audience without their realizing it. They learn how to make an audience member root for, fear, laugh at or despise the appropriate character. The separation between actor and character becomes complete, as performers understand that nothing about their character reflects on them.

Adaptations of classic stories and intriguing original works provide balanced roles that delight players and audience members alike. Players are constantly challenged to take roles they have not experienced before, stretching their abilities and keeping them from being overlooked by future directors.

Your child will learn:

  • Character development
  • Story telling
  • To understand how stories can be re-told and the process of invention
  • To combine voice, body and emotion into dynamic performances
  • To perform better than their peers
  • Confidence in creativity
  • To innovate
  • How to work together as part of an ensemble

Mandatory Acting Technique Class

All Company Theater students are required to register for an Acting Technique class which will help them achieve triple-threat status—skilled in singing, acting and dance. This class is included in the Company Theater rate.

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The Wizard of Oz - Spring 2021

While we all know “there’s no place like home,” this session we stretch beyond the rainbow and past our comfort zone to discover new elements within this traditional tale. Join us as familiar friends journey down the yellow-brick-road, to Oz, and back home again. In an original script crafted by our own Mr. Todd, students will be challenged to work together to breathe new life into these classic characters. We’ll focus on our acting skills and deepen our connection to our characters, finding power within ourselves as we grow together as an ensemble. Highlighting the themes of community, family, friendship, and self-discovery, this new take is not to be missed. Who knows what might happen when we dare to dream?


Our Company Theater program is $329 per month, which includes a two hour Company Theater class and one hour technique class each week.

A LINX Theater Company program registration is a season-long commitment. Please know that after October 25th, due to role assignments and our instructor contracts, you are required to pay for your Company program through the month of June. Read our policies page in full.

Our monthly class rate is an average based on the cost of our program year divided by ten months, with payments from August until May. Some months will have more classes and some months less, but your cost will not change regardless of the actual number of classes in that month. This is a very different rate model from most enrichment programs and a LINX Difference.

You will receive a discount if you pay for the entirety your Company program registration by October 25th. Please call us at 781-235-3210 to make that arrangement.