LINX Theater Frequently Asked Questions

Specific to COVID-19

Will LINX Theater classes be running as normal?

LINX Theater classes will look a little different this year, but rest assured our team has been working incredibly hard to make our classes a premier learning experience!

When can I reach Customer Service?

In response to COVID-19 and for the safety of the entire LINX community, we have reduced the number of staff members who will be onsite at 141 Linden Street at any one time. Nonetheless, we are committed to providing you with the same level of outstanding customer service! Most LINX staff will be working from home in the mornings when we have fewer children in the building and even during our peak afternoon hours much of our non-teaching staff will be working offsite. We will have the most staff available to answer your calls or chats during the hours of 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. After 1:00 pm, our department Directors and teachers may be traveling to LINX and/or teaching classes and thus be less available to connect.

We encourage you to reach out to us in the morning hours so that we can provide you with the most timely response to your inquiry.  Be assured, however, that in the event of an emergency, our onsite staff will be reachable for both incoming and outgoing communications.

If my child attends an in-person Theater class at LINX and they, or anyone in our family, may have COVID-19 or have been notified of a possible exposure to COVID-19, what should we do?

In line with the shared responsibility of the community and keeping each other safe, if anyone in your family is displaying possible symptoms of COVID-19, or has been notified of a possible exposure to COVID-19, we ask that you please keep your child home and allow them to participate in their Theater class remotely until such time as you receive additional information confirming or clearing the exposure.

Will I receive a refund or credit if my child or someone in my household has COVID-19 or COVID-19 related symptoms and I am not able to send my child to class?

We do not issue refunds or credits for class absences, although we have a couple of other options. First, your child may attend class remotely. A second option is to register your child for the monthly make-up class, a virtual class.

Will I receive a refund if LINX must be closed because of an outbreak of COVID-19?

The state and Wellesley Board of Health do not anticipate the need for LINX to be closed because of COVID-19 exposure. If LINX is closed, we will offer remote attendance to replace in-person attendance until we can re-open in-person again.

If Broadway Theater classes are required to be virtual, will there be a performance?

Yes! The Seussical J. licensing agreement allows LINX Theater to record the performance and therefore, if need be, we can put together a recorded performance of the full show.

Will there be spring performances?

We plan to hold spring performances in June. We will select a performance location of an appropriate size based on CDC and state guidelines for audience size.

Are you offering the Theater T.A.P. program?

We are not able to offer our Theater T.A.P. program this year.

Specific to 2020-21 In-Person Classes

What does it mean to be exposed to COVID-19?

The Wellesley Board of Health has advised us that, based on state guidelines, exposure is defined as spending more than 10 minutes within less than 6 feet of a potentially infected person. We have worked diligently to plan our classes so that no one should ever be within 6 feet of another for anything close to 10 minutes.

How should I answer the daily attestation if my child was in school with another classmate who may have COVID-19?

In line with the shared responsibility of the community and keeping each other safe, if you or your child has been notified of a possible exposure to COVID-19, we ask that you please keep your child home and allow them to participate in their class remotely until such time as you receive additional information confirming or clearing the exposure.

How should I answer the daily attestation if my child was in a LINX class with another child who may have COVID-19?

We have worked diligently to plan our classes so that no one should ever be within 6 feet of another for anything close to 10 minutes. Therefore, under the guidance received from the Wellesley Board of Health, the presence of an individual with possible COVID-19 symptoms in a LINX class will not be considered to have placed the remainder of the students or teacher at risk. This should inform your answer to the daily attestation.

If LINX is open but I choose not to send my child to class because of a known or suspected case of COVID-19 at LINX, will I receive a refund or credit for the days missed?
We do not issue refunds or credits for class absences, although we have a couple of other options. First, your child may attend class remotely. A second option is to register your child for the monthly make-up class which is delivered to all students through remote attendance.
What is your mask requirement?

All students will be required to come to class wearing a mask. Please note that a neck gaiter may not be used as a mask.

  • Students will be required to wear their mask from the point in time that they exit their car.

  • When students are safely situated in a designated outdoor personal space, and upon direction from their teacher, they may remove their masks from their faces, if they have someplace else on their persons to keep them.

  • Students that go inside to attend class, or use the bathroom, are required to wear their mask at all times, until such point in time that state, local, and LINX guidelines change.

What is a “designated personal space”?

Each classroom floor will be marked into sections to ensure appropriate physical distancing between students. Each student will have space appropriate to any movement the curriculum requires.

How will you make arriving and departing from class as safe as possible?

First, we will require all students to wear masks until they are in a designated personal space. When students enter a classroom, they will be directed to designated personal spaces beginning at the farthest one from the door and moving toward the door. This process will lessen the number of times that students cross near one another. Secondly, we will require all students to stop and sanitize their hands, at a sanitation station they pass on their way to their classroom.

What are your cleaning procedures?

We have extensive cleaning procedures in place and we have made physical changes to LINX so that there are fewer times students are required to touch a surface. Furthermore, classroom props will not be used.

How many students will there be in a class?

The number of students in a class depends on the square footage of the classroom and the currently understood best practice for physical distancing. When classes begin in September 2020, six feet of physical distance will be followed.

If class is required to change to virtual, will my monthly rate change?

If due to current regulations your in-person class may only be offered for remote attendance, your rate will adjust to our virtual rate with the next billing cycle.

How do I make-up a class?

Due to strict class size numbers and in the interest of reducing cross-class exposure between students, we are offering one make-up class each month in each of our departments of Dance, Enrichment, and Theater. This class is delivered to all students through remote attendance. Registration for each monthly make-up class is closed three days before the class so that we can plan for appropriate staffing and curricula.

Why aren’t you offering Clubtime?

In the interest in reducing cross-class exposure between students and operating in a way that supports physical distancing, we cannot offer Clubtime.

Virtual Classes

Are in-person and virtual classes the same rate?

No, in-person and virtual classes have different rates and benefits. We offer multi-class discounts for both in-person and virtual classes.

If in-person classes are required to become virtual, for any amount of time, how will virtual classes be affected?

Virtual classes are not impacted by any changes to in-person classes.

How many students can attend a virtual class?

Our virtual classes have the same emphasis on individual attention, community interaction, and socialization as our in-person classes. For this reason, we limit our virtual classes to 14 students.

What is the chance I will get into a virtual class from the waitlist?

We strongly encourage families to join a virtual class waitlist. We are prepared to launch additional virtual classes to meet interest! Alternatively, if you have a group of friends or a pandemic pod who would like a private enrichment class or classes, please let us know using this form.


How many performances will take place in the 2020-21 season?

In 2020-21, we will present a fall Theater festival to kick-off our season and spring productions to close our season. Our fall festival rehearsals will take place in class over the first 3 months of the school year, and the remainder of our year will be spent rehearsing together for our full-length spring productions in June."

Is my child required to be in both the winter and spring show?

While we register for the whole year, the winter and spring performances are completely different shows. You can choose to end or begin your registration before, or after, either production

Costumes & Makeup

Should my child wear makeup for the performance?

No makeup will be applied by staff at shows. Performers are welcome to arrive at their show wearing any character appropriate makeup that has been approved by their director.

Do I need to purchase a costume?

No. Costumes are provided as part of the theatrical program.

What should my child wear to their performance?

Plain full length black leggings and a neutral colored form-fitting tank top (no branding, glitter or bright colors).

Can I purchase a special costume for my child?

No. All costumes are drawn from LINX's wardrobe or purchased specifically for the performance through that show's director.


Could my child be allergic to face paint?

When makeup is used we use child-safe makeup, but allergic reactions could occur so it is better to be safe than sorry. The director can test by placing a drop of makeup (not red) on the performer's inner wrist, a sensitive spot. This child washes it off in an hour. Next morning, check the inner wrist for a rash.

Do children in different productions share hats?

Hats are not usually shared amongst performers. Any hats shared across productions are thoroughly sanitized and stored in airtight bags between rehearsals and performances!

Do I need to be worried about food in the theater?

No. Performers, young or old, should finish food before passing the inner-lobby doors unless otherwise noted by the director. 

Show Titles

Where can I find what title a particular group is doing next?

Halfway into a production, the next season's title will be announced and can be found on the troupe's program page.

I don't recognize the title listed.

An unrecognized title will normally occur in our Company or Elementary Recreational Theater program. The title may either be an original work or a new adaptation created to provide more equal parts as well as introducing the performers to certain elements of history or literature. Although they may be unrecognized, all titles are carefully selected to appeal to performers and the adults watching!

Do all the shows have a musical element?

From the youngest troupes up, all shows have song and dance elements. The breakdown of dialogue and music in Broadway is often 50/50. In Company, it is often 75/25, dialogue to music. Other troupes usually have three or four songs as part of the production.


Should my performer bring the script to rehearsal?

Performers in 2nd grade and up should bring their script to each class to reference. Younger performers should not bring their script to class.

Why are the invite-only kids asked to learn lines so quickly?

We provide the invite-only kids a month to learn their lines so they can really start learning to act. The end goal is no longer to learn lines and present them onstage. The kids have delved into character development, physical routines, and many other facets that require the script to be out of one's hands. The longer they are without a script, the more confident they are onstage and one avoids the stress of cramming close to show-time which can coincide with other projects at school and other extra-curricular activities.


Can a rehearsal be missed?

We understand that there are medical appointments or other events that can conflict with a rehearsal. We ask that you contact us to let us know and schedule a make-up. For our Broadway program, more than 2 unexcused absences (with no prior communication with LINX) will result in lines, musical solos, or roles being reassigned. Rehearsals are planned months ahead of time to ensure that students learn all blocking and choreography in a timely manner. We wouldn't want our performers to feel unprepared for their performance due to missing too many rehearsals without making up missed time.

Why do Company and Broadway levels II - IV require technique classes?

LINX Theater has constantly evolved to better serve our performers' confidence and creativity. Learning essential skills in their selected technique class will aid them tremendously in rehearsals and make them highly competitive players in the future. Technique classes also expand their 'family' of friends.


What is the main difference between the acting troupes?

Kidservatory (3-5yrs) performs on a small, intimate and encouraging stage. Kidservatory students do a lot of creative play during their rehearsals as they learn what it means to pretend and put on a show.

Showstoppers (K-1st) also performs in the more intimate and encouraging stage area. While also teaching children fun songs and dances, the focus here is the theatrical performance with increased spoken word and movement. Showstoppers students begin to learn character development and acting technique. 

Recreational Theater (2nd-8th) allows performers to help sculpt their own show. It is perfect for the new performer, creative writers and those who love theater but do not have much time in their schedule.
Company (Levels I - IV) works on adaptations of classic stories and intriguing original creations. Through auditions, all students are given balanced roles that delight players and audiences alike. Players are constantly challenged to take roles they have not experienced before, stretching their abilities and keeping them from being pigeon-holed by future directors. Those who pursue careers outside performance carry an advantageous ability to innovate.

Broadway (Levels I - IV) works on classic Broadway titles which they bring to life with great effect. Through auditions, every student is given a role or set of roles to ensure they are featured in the production. Those not in a 'lead' or 'title' role for one season, still enjoy significant stage time—through singing solos, dancing solos, comedy bits, playing more than one character, or appearing in the multitude of musical numbers and scenes. In the meantime, they work on their craft, increasing their chances of winning a coveted role in the next season. Parents and students seeking equitable lines on stage are encouraged to consider our Company program.

How long do performers spend in a troupe before advancing?

It is common for performers to be with a troupe for three seasons before having the skills, confidence and maturity that will keep them from becoming stressed in the next level.

What are the elements looked for when kids advance through the troupes?

The director is studying more than just their talent or age. A director is looking at the performer's commitment, passion, imagination, ability to learn required skills in a timely fashion, and focus. Most of all, the work must be fun for the performer to avoid stress.

What is the Minimum Enrollment Policy?

LINX prides itself on offering the most premiere theater class experience for your children. Our many years of teaching enrichment classes has made us experts on what makes each class a terrific learning adventure. To provide the best, we aim to have a minimum of 6 students in a theater class program for it to run. If we do not have 6 or more students register for a theater class time, we will suggest the need to switch registered students into different classes of the same program to maintain a robust environment. We will do this as early as possible to ensure a smooth transition, typically by the 3rd week in the first month of the season (September and February). If your child cannot move to a different theater class due to scheduling restrictions or other specific exceptions, we will try our hardest to find a solution that you and your child will be pleased with. We will be happy to place a credit in your account for the next time if we cannot come to a workable solution.

Please note: The Broadway program is an exception to this policy. Broadway classes must run at capacity to ensure that each role will be filled within the licensed show.   

Absences and Make-Ups

Should we notify LINX about an absence?

Yes, it is always a good idea to let us know when your child(ren) will be absent from class. Report an absence online or call 781-235-3210. 

What is your attendance policy regarding children exhibiting possible flu symptoms?
  • Children with a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, or flu-like symptoms (cough, sore throat, nausea, dizziness, aches, or chills), must stay home.
  • Children who exhibit fever or flu-like symptoms while at class and as a result, either go home early or stay home entirely, may not attend LINX Theater the next day.
  • Children may only return to LINX Theater after they have been fever-free for at least 24 hours without the aid of acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) and do not have any other flu-like symptoms.

For the most up-to-date information about the flu please consult the Mass. Department of Health’s “Flu Facts."

LINX Theater does not issue credits or refunds for sick days. If your child misses class or is sick you can schedule a make-up class or book time in our Clubroom.

How do we schedule a make-up class?

You may book a make-up class online or call us at 781-235-3210.