Private Lessons


For students seeking to advance their musical potential in a more individualized setting, LINX is now offering private instruction. No matter what your child's level of experience may be, these private lessons will cater to the student's personal tastes in addition to exploring concepts of theory and performance health. There is also the option of combining vocal and instrumental studies within one lesson if your child is interested in exploring multiple opportunities.

Please be sure to review our Private Lessons Cancellation Policies

Acting Private Lesson Skills:

  • Vocal Projection
  • Proper enunciation
  • Emoting before an audience
  • Creating a character's Voice / Accents
  • Creating a character's physical traits
  • Understanding the script
  • How to keep an audience entertained

Voice Private Lesson Skills:

  • Breath Management
  • Scale Exercises and Warmups
  • Enhancing Tone Quality/Diction
  • Vocal Registers/Blending
  • Maintaining Vocal Health
  • Performance/ Microphone Technique
  • Building of Repertoire

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