Broadway IV: Acting Technique

This mandatory Acting Technique class will help performers achieve triple-threat status which means, skilled in singing, acting and dance. All three elements are equally important in musical theater and are all valued areas in our LINX Broadway Theater productions. Each week a new topic is taught and the fourth week of the month is used as a combination day where students learn for example, how to project vocally while dancing, or how to add character to song.

Your child will learn:

  • Singing in character
  • Breakdown of the musical theater song
  • Identifiable beats in the musical theater song
  • Dancing in character
  • Popular Broadway dance moves
  • How to sell a dance number regardless of dancing technique
  • The ability to focus on multiple techniques at once
  • Triple threat performing
  • How to identify the reason for singing within the context of a show
  • How to push the character forward throughout a song
  • Proper focus points in the musical theater song
  • Active listening in character
  • Active reacting in character
  • Engaging stage presence
  • Confidence in taking risks
  • Consistent performance etiquette
  • Constructive analysis of peer performance
  • Professional approach to character partnering

Rapunzel, a musical adaptation based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, is no love story. It’s a tale of friendship and family. It starts with a girl, traded at birth, and locked away in a tower. Her hair was so long it was the perfect place for the witch to hide her magic. Rapunzel didn’t know she was a princess until a group of thieves entered her tower and the Witch’s scheme was foiled. Wonderful characters make up this ensemble cast such as the royal family, Rapunzel’s woodland friends, and a band of hilarious thieves who aren’t very skilled at being criminals.

Show Specific Skills

  • Understanding of Antagonist vs. Protagonist
  • Explore the nature of comedy through happy endings
  • Appreciation of medieval dress
  • Learn and practice skills needed to act like animals

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